349,95 €
The Agenda is like a girl from the suburbs who constantly drinks fancy lattes, and uses the words "random" and "crazy" to describe her personality, but who's judging? You think she's basic, then you find out she is way into reading true crime books and serial killer bios, so you give her a chance and it turns out that there is a lot more going on under the surface. Sure, the Agenda appears pretty "basic" at first glance with an extruded base and the ability to match with little to no effort, but then you notice the added durability and stability of the Slimewalls combined the response and consistent flex provided by the biaxial glass and Foundation Core. All of a sudden that Agenda is looking pretty nice compared to those other basic bitches on the wall. Also, the Agenda has a little bit of rocker in there and you're never going to believe this...she's a twin! Imagine the possibilities.
  • Size : No
  • Brand : Ride
  • Terrain : All Mountain
  • Gender : Men
  • Riding Level : Intermediate
  • Bend : Rocker Camber
  • Flex : 6
  • Shape : Twin

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